City of Russell Citizen Complaint Policy


When a citizen has a complaint about anything related to activities and responsibilities of the City, they shall file a signed complaint in writing.  This form will be provided by the City and may be requested at City Hall. The form can be dropped off, sent by US Mail, or by e-mail.  The complainants name is not considered public data and will not be publicly noted.


 The City Clerk/Treasurer will forward a completed form to the proper department or to the City Council for determination of what, if any, action shall be taken.

  1. Telephone complaints will not be accepted.
  2. Anonymous complaints will not be considered valid and action will not be taken.
  3. Once action has been taken, the Council may decline to address the same complaint more than once during a three month period of time.
  4. Any complaints regarding the conduct or job performance of the City Clerk shall be given to the Mayor or any councilmember. No complaints against City employees by members of the public shall be addressed at an open meeting unless the employee requests it. If Council determines discipline is appropriate, any future meetings regarding the discipline must be open.
  5. Upon the completion of any said action, the complainant will be notified of action taken.

The identity of a person making a complaint about a violation of law or ordinance concerning the use of real property is confidential data.  This classification is used to shield the identity of an individual who complains to a government agency from anyone who might seek retribution against the complainant.


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